MMT Matching Service
MMT Matching Service
MMT Matching Service
MMT Matching Service
MMT Matching Service

MMT Matching Service

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There are two options to choose from ...

Option 1: "Our Packaging" - This option has a small cost as we will buy your shipping for you!  We will send you a pre-labeled box and a safe container to send your tile over to us (including tracking to ensure it makes it here), this option also covers shipping of your sample back to you if we are unsuccessful in finding a match for you.

Option 2: "Email Instructions" - This option is FREE, but is only a PDF that we email to you after you checkout.  The PDF will include instructions on how to pack and ship your tile and a from to send us all the pertinent information we need to find a match for you.  

With both options you are creating a guaranteed way for us to help you in your search for tile (or any other bathroom accessory).  It will put us in contact with one another, and we will reach out within 1 business day after your purchase to help get the process started with you.  

We ask that you send us your largest tile chip and any information hat you know about your tile.  Some that you can easily ascertain by studying your tile would be size (i.e. 4 1/4") and type (i.e. bullnose; see photos).  Both are incredibly important as there are several sizes and styles.

Our specialty is vintage 4x4 "field" tile, we carry over 5,000 variations of tile from the most popular brands like American Olean & Florida Tile, but also many not as well known manufacturers like TGT Ceramica.  We may not always find an exact match, but in most cases we find something that will work in your home based on the situation.

If you have a tile other than a vintage 4" field tile, please let us know prior to purchasing, we do carry many other tiles, but have limited selection and would prefer to see a photo first and can point you in the right direction (whether with us or a competitor who can serve you more adequately).

Thank you for checking out our matching service, we look forward to working with you on your repair or remodel!