( Z-140V) 1 Pc NOS Vintage Ceramic Wall Tile 4 3/8" Brown Suede Cove Base Glossy

( Z-140V) 1 Pc NOS Vintage Ceramic Wall Tile 4 3/8" Brown Suede Cove Base Glossy

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Please note:  If you do not  know that a tile is a perfect match, that there are many shades of each type of tile (typically).  A sample is usually the only good way to make a perfect match.  Thank you!!

This auction features the following tile (1 piece)

Maker:   Florida Tile

Size: 4 3/8" square

1 Piece of Tile - Great for repair or replacement!

New Old Stock:  Cove Base Trim

Color:    Brown Suede 

Pattern:   Solid       

Finish:  Glossy

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